Our Lady’s Rosary Of The Seven Rays, or the Ray Rosary, is a prayer and meditation method that safely raises the human consciousness—quickening our devotional powers on behalf of those who need help.

The Ray Rosary is a valuable spiritual development method that uses the hands to receive angelic aid and attunement to the Seven Rays. The Ray Rosary has seven decades, each one corresponding to the Seven Joys of Mary; in turn, each Joy corresponds to one of the Seven Rays which flows through the ray crosses and ray candles in the Liturgy of The Liberal Catholic Church.

Our Deaconess, Rabecca Collin, makes each Ray Rosary by hand with 8mm Czech fire-polished glass beads, featuring a cross with the risen Lord. The Rosary is accompanied by a velour pouch for safekeeping. Each Rosary is blessed by one of our priests, and it is placed on the altar during a celebration of the Holy Eucharist for an extra special blessing.

To order a Ray Rosary, please print, complete, and mail the order form

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