Our Traditional Mass

The structure and tone of our service is quiet, ancient, and reverent.

The service, or Mass, is sung-chanted in English at Church of Saint Francis, and includes the use of incense and reverential postures of bowing, kneeling, and the crossing of oneself.

The priest and people face the Holy Altar. This orientation facilitates a sacred and contemplative presence with Jesus Christ in, and through, the Holy Communion that He established.

Our Mass is based upon the Traditional, or Tridentine Mass, but with the elimination of all references to Jesus Christ as being an atoning sacrifice to an angry Father. Instead, Christ is regarded as an exemplar of human-Divine integration and possibility. 

Because our Lord Jesus Christ modeled an all-encompassing Divine Love and extended assurance of Divine forgiveness to all, we offer the Sacrament of Holy Communion to all who approach it with respect and reverence.

What We Believe

The Liberal Catholic Church originates from ancient apostolic Christianity.

Worship With Us

Everyone is invited to leave all worldly cares at the doorsteps of the Church.

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