Worship With Us

Everyone is invited to leave all worldly cares at the doorsteps of the Church.

When entering, please help us maintain a quiet and prayerful atmosphere.

Visitors are invited to remain seated and observe, or they may sit, kneel, and stand along with the rest of the congregation as they feel comfortable.

Joining Our Church

Entry into the Mystical Body of Christ happens through a valid baptism.

Our growth in holiness is a process aided by our participation in the sacraments, life, and liturgical cycle of the Church. The process is centered in Jesus Christ with the aim to further one’s self-understanding, to deepen one’s interior life, and to foster one’s unique service in the world to others. 

Due to the variety of backgrounds and experiences in the life of each individual, if you are concerned that your particular circumstances may be an impediment to worship, please feel free to contact one of our priests.

What We Believe

The Liberal Catholic Church originates from ancient apostolic Christianity.

Our Traditional Mass

Our central service is Holy Eucharist, or Holy Communion.

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